Improve your martial arts fitness by eating like a martial arts master

We here at Lone Eagle Martial Arts  thought it might be fun to look back in history to see what it was that some of the first martial arts masters ate and how they ate to try to help you better reach your fitness goals! Here is what we found!



  • We are designed to eat as if food was scarce.
  • Half the digestion process is manual.
  • Food should not be a mystery.




  • Chew 30 times per bite. Your food should become into something similar to a liquid or porridge before you digest it. Use all sides of your mouth to prevent soreness in your jaw. Chewing helps your body break down food much easier because of enzymes that break up and increase the surface area of the food.
  • While you’re chewing, put your utensils down. This allows you to focus on your current bite, without having to prepare for the next one. This also gives your body more time to digest the food.
  • Eat everything on your plate. This actually encourages you to put less on your plate, because we usually tend to overcompensate and smother our plates with too much food. As a general rule, start out by only putting about 1/2-2/3 of the amount you’re accustomed to eating.
  • Think before you attempt for seconds. If you want more food because you’re hungry, it’s fine to take more. If you want more food simply because you want to taste more food, it’s better to lay off the seconds. Give your body time to get full before you try for seconds, as unnecessary extras might result in a food coma. Forced bites are not good.
  • Eat everything with chopsticks, including rice. Chopsticks are ideal for gathering the right bite sizes.
  • Set up a time limit (around 20-30 minutes) within which you cannot finish your food. You have to finish afterwards. The slower, the better.





Together, following these steps will exercise your willpower and thus help build it. Not only is this ideal for martial arts training, but for everyday activities such as doing homework, reading and working.


A greater reserve of willpower will crush the limitations of what you can do, allowing you to focus much better and experience success at a higher rate, all done by just following these simple ancient training methods.


What are your thoughts? Let us know your favorite ways of staying fit and healthy.

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