Martial Arts for Your Child in Richardson, Texas

What are the benefits of martial arts for my child?


At  Lone Eagle Martial Arts our martial arts programs are taught in a positive and exciting learning environment by qualified instructors who specialize in teaching your children the benefits of traditional martial arts. Our classes emphasize development of a healthy body, a sharp, focused mind and a strong moral character.


We teach them:

  • how to become self disciplined
  • respect for authority figures
  • respect for others and themselves
  • nonviolent and practical ways to deal with bullying
  • self control ( physical, mental and verbal )
  • increasing levels of responsibility that foster leadership
  • effective communication skills
  • awareness of their environments
  • how to exercise good judgment
  • listening skills
  • appreciation for good health and fitness
  • the importance of good manners
  • how to be a leader instead of a follower
  • We lead by example
  • We are responsible
  • Our choices have consequences
  • We practice good manners
  • We respect ourselves and others
  • We practice self control
  • We are self disciplined


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