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                                 Karate for kids in Richardson Texas

Our program builds confidence, focus, discipline, courtesy, a “can do” spirit while instilling a family atmosphere.


Your children will learn to love fitness and have fun doing it! We teach way more than just punches and kicks, we focus on the life skills needed for success in the classroom and beyond!


Every class is packed with lessons on character development as well as awesome martial arts! 
We use positive reinforcement, structure, and highly trained instructors to work one on one with
your child to develop their mind and body through Martial Arts training

Increased confidence levels – Our students build confidence because they learn to believe in themselves!  They learn to develop a “can do” attitude through hard work, perseverance, exciting classes!


Increased focus and attention to detail – Martial arts helps to fine tune the students ability to notice the “small details” and is a proven tool to help improve focus (in even the most difficult cases!)

Increased Self-Discipline – Martial arts inspires greatness through gradual achievement and learning to push individual limits to achieve goals.  Self-discipline is a focus of every class and each member is supported throughout the process!


Increased Respect – Through character education and an atmosphere of love and respect, martial arts helps students learn how to respect others and more importantly, themselves!


Increased bonding with the family – “Families that kick together, stick together.”  Our family classes, community events, and family first program really support the lessons taught at home and helps our family bond in a way not experienced in any other way!

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Taekwondo - Taekwondo is a Martial Arts originating from Korea that focuses on Life Skills, Kicks, Blocks, Strikes, and Stances in a Fun and Disciplined Environment. Your child will absolutely love our Taekwondo program!


Bully Self Defense - We teach all of our students how to deal with bullies in any area of their life. We cover appropriate actions and steps to take with verbal and physical abuse by a bully.


Stranger Danger - We  cover awareness, using your voice, who to get if you are in danger, and what to do if a stranger grabs you. When your child holds a Black Belt in our Karate Kids program you will never have to worry about if they are safe while away from home, at school or playing at a friends house.

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